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Myths and Legends - Sens Unique Box
  • Myths and Legends - Sens Unique Box

Myths and Legends - Sens Unique Box


Perfume Samples Discovery Set


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What an enchanting aromatic journey we embarked on with perfume box of the month, "Myths and Legends"!

Like storytellers of scents, we delved into a world shrouded in mysteries and charm, the realm of mythical perfume compositions and fragrant legends. Each fragrance unveils a captivating tale before us, full of secrets and allure, evoking distant eras and charming stories in our memories. Through this fragrant journey, we resurrect legendary essences and explore myths that have shaped the art of perfumery. What an extraordinary sensory experience!

Among these enchanting scents, which one awakened your senses in a particularly unique way?

- Atitlàn, Noème 

- Personne, Iconofly

- Fusion sacrée - Clair, Majda Bekkali 

- Eagle Eyed Stranger, Ojar 

- Dolcetto Romano, Fabbrica della Musa 

- Ciel Immobile, Phaedon

Mythes et Légendes - Sens Unique Box

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