Clean Scents - Sens Unique Box
  • Clean Scents - Sens Unique Box

Clean Scents - Sens Unique Box


Perfume Samples Discovery Set


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Niche perfumes work like an orchestra, with many instruments, led by an experienced perfumer, coming together to create a memorable melody. But sometimes the beauty of perfume or piece of music lies precisely in the pure, unmistakable solo.

The box was all about perfume's 'pure sound'. We introduced you to pure green, powdery, woody, digital and other fragrances. Tell us which one you think is the purest?

Samples included in the Box:

Intime.Extime - Pierre Guillaume Paris

Revelo - Jul et Mad

La Surprise - Parfums MDCI

L'eau de Phaedon - Phaedon Paris

The Majestic Musk - Alexandre.J

The Ghost In The Shell - Etat Libre d'Orange

Clean Scents - Sens Unique Box
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