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Personne - Iconofly - Eau de parfum
  • Personne - Iconofly - Eau de parfum
  • Personne - Iconofly - Eau de parfum
  • Personne - Iconofly - Eau de parfum
  • Personne - Iconofly - Eau de parfum
  • Personne - Iconofly - Eau de parfum
  • Personne - Iconofly - Eau de parfum

Personne - Iconofly


Eau de parfum

Sizes Available: 50 ml

Following the framework of an artistic journey, PERSONNE is a 100% natural fragrance including, as much as possibly doable, all the essences mentioned by Homer to recreate the scent of the Oddyssey.

Top: Ruse - Heart: Gentleness - Base: Hope.

PERSONNE (meaning 'Nobody' or 'Person' in French) was conceived as a continuation of an art project - conceived by French artist Laurent Derobert - which saw a group of authors and intellectuals sail around the Mediterranean Sea to collect the seeds of the plants mentioned in The Odyssey. 

Following this original intention, the fragrance was bound to be natural and had to include as much of the essences of The Odyssey as technically possible, some of them – Dogwood, Elm &c. – being absent from the perfumer’s palette. The final creation is an olfactory reconstruction of The Odyssey that takes Homer’s plant into account yet goes further by translating the sense of laughter, sharing, pleasure and sensuality - the humanity that peeks through and is the substance of this epic.

« One is keen to read in the odyssey a tale of salt and aromatics, of erring and of sailing yet i always saw it as the story of women and of men, and of one in particular who, far from being lost, faces the elements to return to the one he loves more than himself, upending all of nature in the process »

Alexandre Helwani, perfumer.

For each book, an accord was created including the corresponding ingredients mentioned by Homer. Audience members were invited to smell the accords one after the other to experience Ulysses’ olfactory journey from the moment he met the Cyclops to the moment he returned to Ithaca. The final fragrance stood as a recapitulation and interpretation of the Odyssey as a whole.

Since perfumes in the Antiquity were mostly experienced through incense, audience members were also perfumed with an incense made exclusively with materials harvested on the sites of the Odyssey to that specific aim. Its making followed the methods in use at the time of writing the Odyssey as described in Mycenaean tablets so as to give audience members an experience as accurate as possible.

Together, the incense and the fragrance perpetuate and actualise the olfactory stimuli felt by Ulysses and his crew during their journey along the Mediterranean Sea.

Top: Myrtle EO, Cypress EO, Laurel EO, Rosemary EO.

Heart: Carob RES, Hyacinth ABS, Immortelle ABS, Fenugreek ABS, Davana EO

Base: Barley RES, Violet Leaf ABS, Oarweed RES, Bran ABS, Liatrix ABS

Personne - Iconofly 50 ml

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