Bergamotto - Laboratorio Olfattivo - Cologne parfum
  • Bergamotto - Laboratorio Olfattivo - Cologne parfum
  • Bergamotto - Laboratorio Olfattivo - Cologne parfum

Bergamotto - Laboratorio Olfattivo


Cologne parfum

Sizes Available: 100 ml
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The Master Perfumer Jean-Claude Ellena, inspired by his love for Italy, has created a collection of Parfum Cologne “Viaggio in Italia”, a journey to Italy, that is a portrait of Italian happiness. All the fragrances from this collection are like sunshine in winter.

« Although citrus fruits originate from China, Bergamot is Italian. It is a pity that nobody knows who created it by crossing a lemon tree with a bitter orange: this inventor might have been honored in the same way as the colleague Clément, who invented the clementine. Italian traders managed to sell Bergamot to the Chinese Market to add fragrance to their second-rate tea, which they sold back to the English Market. I am often asked whether I have olfactory preferences. I have always said I do not, wishing to conceal the manipulations I perform on fragrances, as the work of a perfumer is always that of an illusionist. Yes, I have preferences and they vary according to my needs, my desires. I have passing loves, as well as solid, perennial loves, among which there is my love for bergamot. It was time for me to make that official ». - Jean-Claude Ellena

Notes: Calabrian bergamot, Bitter orange, Cardamom, White musk

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