Altaï - Noème - Eau de parfum
  • Altaï - Noème - Eau de parfum
  • Altaï - Noème - Eau de parfum

Altaï- Noème

210,00 €

Eau de parfum

Sizes Available: 100 ml

In the heart of the sumptuous Altai Mountains, where the treetops kiss the sky and the wind blows gracefully, a unique fragrance is born. This captivating essence tells its own story of adventure, mystery and elegance.

The story begins high in the mountains, where pink berries burst forth in a symphony of fresh, zesty energy. Enhanced by cardamom, a spicy, bewitching fragrance intertwines, weaving tales of the ancient caravans that traversed these lands.  

Top notes : pink berries, cardamom essence, Ceylon cinnamon essence

Heart notes : clove essence, fig, coffee

Base notes: patchouli essence, cashmere wood, vanilla, ambroxan, modern woods

Altaï - Noème 100ml
5 шт.

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