Aman Noème Eau de parfum
  • Aman Noème Eau de parfum
  • Aman Noème Eau de parfum
  • Aman Noème Eau de parfum
  • Aman Noème Eau de parfum
  • Aman Noème Eau de parfum

Aman - Noème

210,00 €

Eau de parfum

Sizes Available: 100 ml

With Aman, Noème takes you on a journey to discover the hidden territories of the human mind. In the undergrowth, in the shade of the birch trees hides the Amanita, a magic mushroom with sacred virtues, used by Shamans since the dawn of time. Only these healers with ancestral knowledge have the secret of this brew, that leads them to an initiatory trance, and connects them to the spirits of the forest. Neither plant nor animal, the amanita awakens the human consciousness through its psychedelic visions. Its scarlet dress adorned with white pearls illuminates the dark nights, and opens the doors of an invisible world to the initiated. With its bewitching fragrances, Aman propels you into the heart of a shamanic ritual. Sitting in the woods, the smell of wet earth reassures you. Wisps incense envelop you in smoke, and you are immersed in the olfactory reminiscences of sacred plants from around the world.

Woody perfume sitely fresh

Top notes: Pink berries, rhubarb, coriander

Middle notes: Gardenia, Blackcurrant bud absolute, Incense essence and resinoid

Base notes: Black Vanilla absolute, cade essence, sandal

Aman - Noème 100ml
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