Soma Noème Eau de parfum
  • Soma Noème Eau de parfum
  • Soma Noème Eau de parfum
  • Soma Noème Eau de parfum
  • Soma Noème Eau de parfum

Soma - Noème

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Eau de parfum

Sizes Available: 100 ml
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Soma embodies the very essence of Noème: a journey beyond human consciousness, unveiling unattainable secrets.

Soma is a mysterious beverage that is featured in the Veda, one of the oldest sacred texts in the world.

This elixir of the Gods was consumed during ceremonies, as it enabled máda, a state of higher consciousness that combines strength, visions and divine awakening.

According to the texts, Soma would be made from a mysterious vermilion-colored plant, which has no flowers, fruits or leaves; only a sturdy stem and thorns. To its juice would be added a magical mixture of milk, resins, flowers and honey.

Through the scent of saffron and zaatar, Soma transports you to sacred lands.

A few jasmine petals twirl in the wind, and lead you to a temple. You are given a potion that promises immortality. From its vapors comes a warm, milky, resinous, and honeyed scent that takes you to celestial dimensions.

Warm Perfume Slitely Fruity

Warm Perfume Slitely Fruity

Head: Tonka absolute, Heliotrope

Heart: Vanilla, Caramel, Cocoa absolute

Base: Rum, Labdunum absolute, Suede

Soma - Noème 100ml
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