Nuvolari - Rubini - Extrait De Parfum
  • Nuvolari - Rubini - Extrait De Parfum
  • Nuvolari - Rubini - Extrait De Parfum

Nuvolari - Rubini


Extrait De Parfum

Sizes Available: 50 ml
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The new challenge was inspired by the legend of the great driver Nuvolari.

Recreating the smell of track and engines we let the world of perfume lovers discover the legend of the "Mantovano Volante".

Germany, legendary Nurburgring circuit, July 28, 1935.

22 kilometers of racing track, under a leaden sky, wind and rain loom over the circuit.

A deafening sound breaks the silence, a red painted racing car, whizzes in front of us, cutting through the octane-laden air.

It's Nuvolari passes by.

Nuvolari is a hymn to the madness of a racer, able to challenge death, to write stories of unpredictable and amazing victories that consecrate him race after race as a modern hero of the racing world.

The elegant, brave, sometimes extreme personality is expressed through the precious neroli, black pepper and vetiver. Rhum Co2, Bulgarian rose and Lao oud lead us into the heart of the race, among the smells of the grand prix

"No one could combine a high sensitivity of the car with an almost inhuman courage." Enzo Ferrari.


The Rubini casing becomes a narrative preview and tells, through color and tactile sensation, the character of the fragrance.

Glebanite® reinterprets the sensation of asphalt, screeching tires that burn kilometers and win championship titles, a material packaging that transports us to a race track.

Notes: Italian lemon, Black Pepper Madagascar, Fuel Accord, Yakima minth, Metallic Neroli, Bulgarian Rose, Motor Racing Accord, Vetiver Haiti MD, Oud Laos, Ambroxan, Asphalt Accord

Nuvolari - Rubini - 50 ml
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