Dualité Magnifique - Plume Impression
  • Dualité Magnifique - Plume Impression

Dualité Magnifique - Plume Impression


Eau de parfum

Sizes Available: 80 ml

“It’s Carnival in Venice and everybody is invited. Streets are buzzing full of life, elusive shapes appearing here and there.Masks of extraordinary luxury paired with glamorous hosts engage in secret plays. Drawn in by this illustrious scene, a luxurious scent captures my attention. Where did it come from, where did it go? Elusive and mysterious just as everything around, I follow the trail of this fragrant unknown. Alley after alley, corner after corner I try to catch this hypnotizing scent. Suddenly a breathtaking elegant persona brushes by, dressed in black and white. “Dualite Magnifique!” 

This is a fragrance with two facets, both equally magnificent. Amber and oud create a mysterious feeling to this otherwise glamorous journey, rose and saffron carefully nestled in a well crafted leather case.

Top: Davana, Saffron

Heart: Rose, Akigalawood, Cypriol

Base: Oud, Suede, Dry amber

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