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Absinth - Nasomatto - Extrait de parfum
  • Absinth - Nasomatto - Extrait de parfum
  • Absinth - Nasomatto - Extrait de parfum

Absinth - Nasomatto


Extrait de parfum

Sizes Available: 30 ml

This fragrance aims to evoke the different degrees of frenzy and irresponsible behaviour. A vibrant tribute to absinthe, the controversial liquor that was banned because of a component called thujone, a ketone (or its organic compound), which contains THC and whose aromatic herb smell is well known to stimulate serotonin. Used in the army during the war to disinfect stomachs and raise the spirits of the troops, its hallucinogenic effects are comparable to those caused by mugwort, another aromatic plant – a compound of various essential oils that is also used in perfumery.

Already as a young man, The Nose used to mix thujone isolated in the perfumery laboratory with his absinthe drinks to reproduce the increasingly unstoppable effects. He was trying to experiment with a different kind of intoxication, the kind that leads to endless laughter and the delirious fits associated with hallucinations.

Absinthe, also known as "the green fairy", is a highly alcoholic beverage produced in Switzerland, which was popular among 19th century Parisian artists and writers. Also associated with Bohemian culture, this aniseed-flavoured spirit, traditionally green in colour, is botanically derived from other medicinal herbs.

Absinth is a fragrance inspired by the desire to escape from reality, to unleash exalted and uncontrollable laughter in order to achieve happiness, or that ultimate moment of delirium that allows you to forget your troubles and leads to a kind of luxurious madness.

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