Tantrico - Laboratorio Olfattivo
  • Tantrico - Laboratorio Olfattivo
  • Tantrico - Laboratorio Olfattivo

Tantrico - Laboratorio Olfattivo


Eau de Parfum

Sizes Available: 100 ml

«What is more noble for a perfumer than Sandal attar? Without doubt it is the most precious essential oil in the history of perfumery, with a refined elegance, an unparalleled sensuality and an intimacy that I invite you to try.» - Lucien Ferrero

An incontestable symbol of spirituality and a means of communication between terrestrial and divine world for many civilizations, if we think of Sandalwood, it is impossible for us not to refer to its sensuality which is released in the contact between this raw material and the skin. In Tantrico, the velvety character of Sandalwood is tickled by the aromatic touch of Sage, Juniper and Cypress creating a jus in perfect balance between discretion and sensuality that binds to the skin immediately, creating a persistent but intimate aura.

Top: Juniper berries, Lime, Clary sage, Grapefruit 

Heart: Cypress, Timor pepper, Sandalwood

Base: White musks, Balsam fir absolute, Atlas Cedar