Need_U - Laboratorio Olfattivo
  • Need_U - Laboratorio Olfattivo
  • Need_U - Laboratorio Olfattivo

Need_U - Laboratorio Olfattivo


Eau de Parfum

Sizes Available: 100 ml

I need you, Need_U.

A few simple words to describe an extreme and strong need.

In this case, the perfume’s need for skin to express itself, to tell its story, its intentions. No blotters, no clothes. Just the skin.

When this encounter happens, Need_U releases all its seductive power. 

Molecules that adhere to the skin, just like a dress, staging a matching exchange: perfume and skin, skin and perfume.

Need_U is a unisex fragrance, an unlimited and universal love message.

Top: Italian lemon, Pink pepper

Heart: White flowers, Jasmine (Hedione HC), Sea sprays

Base: Ambroxan, Sandalwood, White musks