Love & Crime - Ex Idolo
  • Love & Crime - Ex Idolo

Love & Crime - Ex Idolo


Eau de parfum haute concentration

Sizes Available: 30 ml

The forgotten story of Mazie Coyle and Thomas Howard in their most romantic 1905 Boston prison escape. Mazie’s daring plan to smuggle a saw into the prison in a wedding cake, led them both to escape the same night.

The nationwide press coverage that followed made them folk heroes of the day, even more so when Mazie was acquitted of all charges with the support of the nation behind her. Mazie’s bravery was translated into LOVE & Crime.

Head: Pink Pepper, Red Mandarin

Heart: Classic Feminine Florals, Baking Sugar, Star Anise

Base: Natural Cocoa, Vanilla Sponge Cake

Love & Crime - Ex Idolo - 30 ml