Lucid Dream - Ex Idolo
  • Lucid Dream - Ex Idolo

Lucid Dream - Ex Idolo


Eau de parfum haute concentration

Sizes Available: 30 ml

Lucid Dream, a woody-spicy floral is an olfactory exploration of lucid dreaming, and an ode to the potential hidden in every one of us.

Lucid dreaming, a semi meditative state in which a person is aware they are asleep but are able to control their surroundings has been practiced since antiquity by Tibetan monks.

Many of the world’s greatest artists, musicians and scientists sourced their inspiration from this special type of dream state.

Head: Effervescent citrus,Pink pepper, Davana

Heart: Smoky Osmanthus, Rose

Base: Incense, White patchouli

Lucid Dream - Ex Idolo - 30 ml