Vetiver Gris - Jacques Fath - Eau de Parfum
  • Vetiver Gris - Jacques Fath - Eau de Parfum
  • Vetiver Gris - Jacques Fath - Eau de Parfum

Vetiver Gris - Jacques Fath

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Eau de Parfum

Sizes Available: 50 ml
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Vetiver Gris by Jacques Fath

Vetiver Gris finally assumes to be the famous missing link between the beautiful classic and rigorous perfumery and a more whimsical modernism. A perfume of today that perfectly knows where it comes from and what it owes to this house of inspiration that Jacques Fath is”. – Lionel Palles

The composition combines Vetiver, Galbanum and Iris, exclusively roots and rhizomes, a thinly veiled reference to the glorious origins of a perfumery of high requirement. And then the perfume is simply composed of Neroli, Mandarin and a Hazelnut accord, which gives a bright and perfectly modern charm. The formula is short, direct, the writing of absolute clarity, each ingredient occupying its right place.

THE STORY – By Lionel Palles

What if beautiful stories made beautiful perfumes?

It is so uncommon that it has to be mentioned: Vetiver Gris is born from the fierce desire of a perfumer to serve a house to which he dedicates an unalterable admiration. This perfumer is Jean-Christophe Hérault (IFF) ; the house of excellence is Jacques Fath.

“I was following Rania Naim [creative director of Jacques Fath] on Instagram, one day as she was telling how “L’Iris de Fath” has been recreated in accordance with the original formula. I fell in admiration for this approach, the audacity and the respect shown for the high-end perfumery. I left her a message asking her permission to catch a whiff of this masterpiece. We met and chatted all afternoon that summer, and left with a Green Water bottle, another timeless classic perfume which I wore for a whole weekend. I felt something was happening, admiration was turning into desire.”

Rania did not fail to mention she exclusively collaborates with independent noses, keeping a respectful distance from major perfume houses. Never mind, the perfumer “secretly” chose to work a scented accord around Vetiver, an iconic ingredient used in high-end perfumery, and published a photo of his assays on Instagram. She immediately picked up her phone and challenged him: “I want to smell! “; she did, loved, took the assay to Corsica and tried on husband and son. In the hotel where they were staying, guests stopped them and congratulated them for this scented signature. The creation was approved. Vetiver Gris by Jacques Fath was born in the spontaneity of passion.

“It was also Jean-Christophe who proposed the name, a respectful and playful tribute to Iris Gris” adds Rania.

Top notes:

Mandarin essence, hazelnut Accord, Orange Bigarade LMR

Heart notes:

Neroli Essence LMR, Geranium Essence Madagascar LMR, Galbanum Resinoid LMR

Base notes:

Iris concrete LMR, Vetiver Java LMR, Vetiver Haiti Concentrated for Life LMR, Sinfonide

Vetiver Gris - Jacques Fath 50ml
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