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Gideon - Yanina Yakusheva
  • Gideon - Yanina Yakusheva
  • Gideon - Yanina Yakusheva

Gideon - Yanina Yakusheva


Eau de parfum

Sizes Available: 100 ml

Name: Gideon

Date of birth: July 16, 2018

Age: 32

Gender: male

Occupation: carpenter

Appearance: of medium height, athletically-built. Sun-tanned, brown-haired, blue-eyed. Color cartoon characters tattoo on the forearm

Personal character: Extrovert. Gambling, active, explosive, fickle.

Interests: entertainment

Notes: bergamot, lavender, grapefruit, ozone, carnation flower, geranium, narcissus, tobacco, szechuan peppercorns, cedar, leather, civet, iris, musk, olibanum, labdanum.