Fundamental Edition 2.023 - Rubini
  • Fundamental - Rubini - Extrait De Parfum
  • Fundamental Edition 2.023 - Rubini

Fundamental Edition 2.023 - Rubini


Extrait De Parfum

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Fundamental represents Rubini's past, the olfactory heritage of the family.

It's a futuristic fragrance, which blends history and avant-garde.

We welcome you to Verona, in the 30's, where everything begins. Pietro Rubini has just opened his first perfumery shop, young and dedicated to his work he moves between high society ladies and more voluptuous customers, scenic make-up and pleasure houses. He discovers the hills of Verona, the vineyards, the long and bright days spent among the landscapes of Lake Garda.

This is how Andrea Rubini imagined the first work of his collection, an inedited and original interpretation of the aromatic style, where the freshness of citrus and the accord of white grapes turn into elegance, where the preciousness of iris introduces a background of mystery and sensuality. The luminous daytime that turns into nighttime pleasure.


The first Rubini house, the shell that holds the first fragrance of the collection.

Layers of materials and raw materials, which replace the foundations of family history, along with layers of memory, which overlap and define the basis of Fundamental.

Francesca Gotti, for the design of the first packaging of the brand was inspired by stories and memories, transferring to experimental designs and Glebanite material the task of making the first Rubini perfume unique and iconic.

Notes: Bergamot, Mandarin, Soave Grapes Accord, Italian Iris Butter, Clary Sage abs, Lavender Abs, Beeswax Abs, Labdanum, Leather Accord, Vetiver Java MD, Atlas Cedarwood, Cacao Abs, Sandalwood

Fundamental - Rubini - 50 ml
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