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18.1 Praliné de Santal - Pierre Guillaume Paris
  • 18.1 Praliné de Santal - Pierre Guillaume Paris
  • 18.1 Praliné de Santal - Pierre Guillaume Paris

18.1 Praliné de Santal - Pierre Guillaume Paris


Eau de parfum

Sizes Available: 50 ml
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Theme 18: Sandalwood
Woody Powdery

A limited edition masterpiece that first graced the shelves in 2011, captivating enthusiasts and swiftly vanishing from stock within days. The allure of this fragrance reached such heights that "collector" bottles emerged on secondary markets, leaving fans yearning for its return.

A woody mischief

Embark on a journey of woody mischief with PRALINÉ DE SANTAL. Born during the perfumer's "Dark Gourmand" era in 2009, a fan's challenge led to the creation of a sandalwood-hazelnut blend, devoid of excessive sweetness. The result? A daring and tantalizing olfactory essay that has withstood the test of time.

A Sandalwood masterpiece, both monolithic and ethereal. Tenderly powdery and enriched with just-roasted hazelnut, this fragrance is a delicate dance of contrasts. In the heart, heliotrope lends its powdery strength, energizing the composition and allowing the sandalwood to shine without overwhelming. The base notes reveal the architectural finesse of Cedarwood, providing structure and verticality, while Fleur de Sel imparts a driftwood essence, definitively neutralizing any traces of sweetness.

Praliné de Santal encapsulates the harmonious fusion of hazelnut and sandalwood in a distinctly French and quintessentially PG manner. Not to be confused with the conventional praline, this fragrance offers a sophisticated and nuanced experience that lingers on the senses.

(*) Dark Gourmand: Delve into the olfactory genre that characterized the personal style of composer Pierre GUILLAUME from 2005 to 2012. Opulent, baroque compositions where balmy notes, both greedy and unsweetened, conceal a profound darkness – a subconscious reflection of the designer's personal experiences.

Notes : Sandalwood, Hazelnut, Heliotrope, Cedar, Fleur de Sel
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