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Narcotic V. Nasomatto Extrait de parfum
  • Narcotic V. Nasomatto Extrait de parfum
  • Narcotic V. Nasomatto Extrait de parfum
  • Narcotic V. Nasomatto Extrait de parfum

Narcotic V. - Nasomatto


Extrait de parfum

Sizes Available: 30 ml

If Duro praises masculinity, Narcotic V. (formerly Narcotic Venus) is a consecration of femininity.

This fragrance is the result of research that aims to reproduce the overwhelming and addictive intensity of carnal femininity. The name "Narcotic Venus" evokes toxic addiction, but it also pays homage to Venus the goddess of love, in a true ceremony in honour of supreme femininity and sensuality. Through this fragrance, The Nose captures the moment when a woman passes by and draws you in with a single glance, to cause instant addiction. Historically, the flower is a symbol of womanhood, but for The Nose, a woman is always a wild flower that reveals her charms and seduces by showing an intoxicating sexuality.

Narcotic V. is a very intense floral fragrance that could remind us of the provocative smell of tuberose. The inspirations for this fragrance are vibrant, floral-capital appointments experienced by The Nose himself... One day, during a trip to Brazil, he discovered the Monguba flower and reproduced its smell  in this perfume. Another time, another place: a visit to the hospital... A seemingly sterile place with a lack of pleasant smells, which was suddenly filled with the luscious scent of flowers brought by a visitor. The Nose took this slap of intoxicating floral sweetness right in the face.

Narcotic V. instantly provokes attraction and addiction, this elixir elicits a female sexual power that is both oppressive and overwhelming.

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