Ambre Suprême - Les Indémodables
  • Ambre Suprême - Les Indémodables
  • Ambre Suprême - Les Indémodables

Ambre Suprême - Les Indémodables


Eau de parfum

Sizes Available: 50 ml
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Fresh Ambery

Ambergris, the near-mythical aged and oxidized exudate from a cachalot, is one of the most prized ingredients in perfumery. Due to its rarity and cost, Ambergris (“grey amber”) is synthetic in 99 percent perfumes that list it as an ingredient.

In Ambre Supreme, the natural version specially sourced and tinctured using our proprietary ultrasound extraction is used in a 10% dosage, putting a spotlight on this precious ingredient with a unique ability to amplify and unify other notes in a composition.

All of Ambregris’s intriguing facets are on display from the ambery, animalic, to the mineral, marine-like and salty- adding what perfumer Antoine Lie describes as a “sheen, a patina, a feeling” to the fragrance.

Tête: Aldéhydes, Sauge Sclarée, Poivre Rose, Huile de Cardamome

Coeur: Fleur d'oranger, Huile de Néroli, Absolu de Jasmin, Huile de Patchouli 

Fond: Ambre gris Grand Cru (10%), Immortelle France Grand Cru (issu du domaine privé de Les Indémodables)

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