ExpLOud - Laboratorio Olfattivo
  • ExpLOud - Laboratorio Olfattivo
  • ExpLOud - Laboratorio Olfattivo

ExpLOud - Laboratorio Olfattivo


Eau de Parfum

Sizes Available: 100 ml
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ExpLOud was born, as an aromatic explosion based on the most precious and luminous of Ouds, with floral notes to lift and twist the characteristic scent of this unique raw material which has already experienced numerous interpretations on the market.

Fragrance is based on an amazing quality of Oud from Ajmal, located in India. It is the perfect  balance of all the facets of oud: smoky, leathery, slightly animalic, vibrant, addictive and powerful. What makes this fragrance perfectly unique is the fresh floral Magnolia – Lilybelle accord in the heart, projecting the fragrance to a more bright, enthusiastic and joyful place. 

Afterwards, there is an overdose of Ambrocenide® and Ambrostar®, that provide a unique sharpness, projection and vibrance. These molecules can virtually make this fragrance last forever. At the end, the addition of Oud Boya underlines the woody oriental character of the fragrance.

Top: Black pepper oil, Nutmeg oil, Red berries extract, Coriander, Olibanum

Heart: Magnolan®, Gardenia, Lilybelle®, Cypriol oil

Base: Oud Ajmal oil, Oud Boya oil, Sandalwood, Vetiver Madagascar*, Patchouli oil, Ambrocenide®, Ambrostar®

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