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Callisto - Jul et Mad
  • Callisto - Jul et Mad
  • Callisto - Jul et Mad

Callisto - Jul et Mad


Extrait de Parfum

Sizes Available: 50ml basic


Callisto, "the most beautiful" in Ancient Greek; just like Callisto, the virgin nymph of Artemis' retinue, loved by Zeus and banished... Callisto, or Jupiter IV, the natural satellite of the planet Jupiter, discovered in 1610 by Galileo... A fascinating name that haunts us on this magnificent evening, as we gaze at the summer sky, blazing with a thousand fires, shining at sunset. We have observed it for a long time... many times... It is simply captivating! Such immensity yet to be discovered and revealed! All those phenomenal, still unexplored worlds! Soon, the warm, calm twilight will envelop us in its miraculous, reassuring, invisible arms. It is the beginning of our imaginary walk on a sparkling black beach, under the starry sky... The daydream begins again... As always, the same powerful, striking feeling during our imaginary ascent to the stars... The journey to self-awareness has begun... A true out-of-body awakening experience...

The wonderful Jul et Mad composition is signed by Master Perfumer Luca Maffei, also the creator of “NÉA,” the internationally awarded perfume and one of the brand's best-sellers.

Powerful, striking, and beautiful, as evoked by its name. The duality of the word CALLISTO is also expressed in the composition of this extraordinary, perfectly balanced perfume. A mystical link between light and dark, an introspective journey from earth to the stars. A perfume inspiring inner awareness. A fragrance inviting introspection. A unique powdery-gourmand composition with a perfectly unisex character.

Notes: Pink Pepper, Neroli, Aldehydes, Iris, Heliotrope, Tonka Bean, Vanilla, Benzoin, Musk, Patchouli.

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