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Plague - FUMparFUM - Extrait de parfum
  • Plague - FUMparFUM - Extrait de parfum

Plague - FUMparFUM


Extrait de parfum

Sizes Available: 30 ml

Plague by FUMparFUM, Black Alchemist collection.

In the XVII-XVIII centuries, one of the main symbols of the plague was a plague doctor. His costume included a cloak of leather or waxed cloth, a cane, a mask with glazed eye holes and a long beak, which was stuffed with aromatic substances, dried flowers, fragrant herbs and incense.

It is like a subtle transformation from the modern world into the ambience of a medieval plague. Your nostrils pick up the smell of rotten wood, basement damp and rotting flowers - the conceptual scent of death.

"Tartar" cedarwood, smoky incense, bitter incense, and dry oak wood immerse you in a medieval atmosphere. Moist oakmoss, spicy labdanum, caramelised immortelle, fragrant benzoin and resinous smoky juniper convey the image of a plague doctor in a creepy bird-beak mask. Burnt birch, sweet opopanax, warm ambergris, slightly astringent cloves, intoxicating narcissus and bitter hyacinth dilute the created image with a ray of "fragrant" light. A perfect synergy of "aromatic" notes that grows into a symphony.

Plague - FUMparFUM