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Positive thinking - Sens Unique Box
  • Positive thinking - Sens Unique Box

Positive thinking - Sens Unique Box


Perfume Samples Discovery Set


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Introducing our 'Positive Thinking' Box – a collection of scents carefully curated to uplift your spirits and brighten your day. This selection is a fragrant journey through optimism and positivity, perfect for those seeking a scent to match their upbeat outlook on life.

Each perfume sample in this set has been chosen to inspire and evoke the essence of positivity. From invigorating citrus notes that awaken the senses to warm and comforting fragrances that wrap you in a soothing embrace, these scents are your olfactory companions on your journey to a more positive mindset. These carefully selected scents are a reminder that a spritz of positivity can be just the boost you need throughout your day.

Experience the transformative power of fragrance with our 'Positive Thinking' Box and let each scent take you on a fragrant journey towards a brighter and more optimistic you.

Smile and believe together with Sens Unique Boutique!

30 Alphaora - Pierre Guillaume

Esprit de Contradiction - Maison Matine

Them - Neandertal

Duo des Fleurs - Senyokô

White - Puredistance

J'ai Fait un Rêve - Clair - Majda Bekkali

La pensée positive - Sens Unique Box - Français

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