Lilaganza - 1907 - Parfum
  • Lilaganza - 1907 - Parfum

Lilaganza - 1907


25% Perfume Oil

Sizes Available: 50 ml

A light scent of happiness. Imagine a blue sky with white clouds drifting slowly across it.  At first glance you can see a dragon, ice cream, or a smiling face; floating into the distance, they become transparent, barely noticeable ...

Immerse yourself in memories and dreams with Fatamorgana!

Imagine freshly cut lilac branches in front of you. Every trembling bud has diamond drops of summer rain. You are joined by delicate violets and rose petals wet from thunderstorms. The finale is the freshness of cedar to tint these gorgeous shades of purple with a thin band of green.

Lilaganza is about elegance, something timeless that you cannot get tired of and keep admiring year after year. Very noble, revealing slowly and softly, the fragrance is getting ready to become a classic!

Notes :  Mandarin, Galbanum, Green tones, Cardamom, Sandalwood, Blackcurrant, Jasmine, Rose, Rosewood, Iris, Violet, Tonka beans, Vanilla, White musk, Amber

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